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25th-Oct-2012 03:43 pm - Selling Hello Kitty Cow Kigu!
Bought a year ago at a local anime convention, selling for 65$ shipped in the US (International is fine, just pay shipping) PayPal only please. I will ship USPS Priority box or envelope.
Has a black tail attached to the back. The current tag says "LaDiDas", which is the name of the company I bought it from at the convention, but I think it originally had a Hello Kitty tag on it because underneath the tag it has stray pink threads kinda shaped in a rectangle. And on the side (inside) it has the washing instructions etc. (If you're interested on if it's official or not)

I have eBay feedback:  http://myworld.ebay.com/akitokitty and yes, I can confirm it if needed.

No stains, rips or tears, but it has been washed a few times. so it's in Great condition.
Any questions, please ask. Only other kigu's I am looking for for trade is Gachapin and HanaUsa..Possibly others..

kigu for sale
11th-Oct-2012 10:23 am - New Boar Kigurumi

I just got this yesterday from the Korean ebay seller http://www.ebay.com/usr/yoonageneration that I posted asking about on here over a year ago (haha) This is the third kigurumi I've bought from them and I've never had any problems.

The interesting thing is before I owned any sweet holic brand kigurumis I was sort of apprehensive about the brand, I didn't really like the strings or the lack of cuffs on the arms, but now that I own three I have to say they're my favorite brand. Some of their designs are really bizarre but so many are also really unique and adorable! I always wanted this boar one and it's so so cute * u *
11th-Oct-2012 10:12 am - Deer Kigu for sale!

Worn just once last year for Halloween!
Asking $65 shipped in the U.S.
Size large and made of the breathable cotton material.
Thank for looking :)

13th-Aug-2012 04:11 pm - selling Marie kigurumi
fashion⇒pink boots
★Selling Disney brand Marie kigurumi★
my pic | stock photos and measurements here
★purchased from Donki Hote in Japan and worn twice for very short periods of time★
★$50USD shipped anywhere in North America OBO★

  • ★★ my feedback -- http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/600560.html ★★
  • i'm based in Canada, and since our post office is notoriously bad/slow i'm only looking for North American buyers at this time!
  • paypal only
  • 7th-Jul-2012 11:01 pm - A First Kigurumin

    Hey, I have seen these pop up a lot at my cons and I wanna try one, but like most people I am looking for preloved.
    Notes: I love the ocean and Birds, Love Blue, and will not wear a majority out of white.

    Living in Florida I would prefer Pile, I am a size medium, and animal does matter sadly. I love character Kigurumins- a Kappa is my quest to find.

    Please drop me an email if you are selling~ machine_faction@yahoo.com

    Loved, Nostalgic, Thought Of - Flower
    A friend is interested in a kigurumi. He's 6' 3", and I'm having some trouble finding one that would fit him. Could someone suggest where to look?
    11th-Jun-2012 09:30 pm - Shoes that go with dinosaur kigurumi?
    So I'm planning on buying this dinosaur kigurumi http://www.kpoptown.com/shop298397/Fashion/sazac/dino.jpg but I'm not sure which shoes to wear with it..can anyone recommend please? :)

    Also, do they not make like slippers for it? Because I've searched everywhere and I don't want odd shoes to ruin my look ;~;
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