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we are disguise pajama people.
October 20th, 2017 

This community is a community for kigurumin, those who kigurumi with disguise pajama and animal costumes. We are the citizens of kigurumi! There's no good reason for it, oh well.

Is it fashionable? It can be...
Is it weird? It can be...
Is it a sexual fetish? I sure hope not!
Is it wild and crazy? Most likely!
Is it fun? Definetely~!
Why? I don't know.

For more information on kigurumi, consult the people in animal pajamas on the streets. They'll know. =3=



Although the word for animal costumes is 着ぐるみ, it is often used to describe those who wear animegao, also called DOLLERS.
There is now a community for this kind of kigurumi, animegao_kigu.

Though we do not support FURSUITS, it cannot be denied that these are also part of the technical definition of 着ぐるみ. However, the intentions behind their costumes are entirely different.

THIS COMMUNITY IS NOT for fursuits and NOT for anime-face kigurumi.
Click here for a visual representation of what the community is and is not about.


Explanation of Kigurumin:

More than anything, seeing pictures of disguise pajama'd people (or seeing those people in real life) will describe it better than typing it, but here is a quick summary.

Kigurumi is literally a "full body animal costume". It describes a number of things, like people in a character costume working at Disneyland, full plush fursuits that cover a person completely, and animegao (anime face) costumes that use masks and spandex to mimick the exact look of an anime character.

It can also be used to describe a type of full-body pajama that looks like an animal, cartoon character, or mascot. It usually does not cover the face, and does not have to cover hands, arms, legs, or feet, though it can. The pajamas are loose fitting and usually made of a soft material, like polarfleece. Hoods or oversized "head" hats can be worn; the person's face is usually showing. They are often referred to as "disguise pajamas".

People of all ages can wear these; they can be worn as Halloween costumes, party gags, actual pajamas, or casual "crazy" wear. Because they can be easily put on over normal clothing, they walk the line of being a costume and being actual clothing. People who walk around in these outfits are sometimes called "kigurumin"; a pun on the words kigurumi and kokumin (citizen).

Though it is correct to call disguise pajamas "kigurumi", the community is called kigurumin to prevent confusion between disguise pajamas and fursuits/mascots/animegao, which can all be considered "kigurumi".


Community Rules

stay on topic!

be considerate to others!

don't post HUUUGE pics, unless they're under an lj-cut!


Community Tags

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